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Leaders in Used Oil Recycling in the Pacific Northwest

Every gallon of oil which is re-refined by Gem State Oil Recovery is a
gallon of oil that can be left in the ground


Gem State Services
and Products

Used Oil Collection

Used oil is pumped by licensed tankers from customers’ storage tanks or drums by trained technicians. Once collected, Gem State processes and re-uses the oil following all Local, State, and  Federal regulations. Used oil is transported to our Boise, ID operation, where it is sampled and tested at an off-site lab for quality and adherence to marketing specifications. Once approved, it is ready to be marketed as an on-specification fuel for resale as a premium burner fuel substitute for virgin fuel sources throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Non-Regulated Oily Debris

EcoLube’s package truck drivers collect drums of oily debris from our customer’s locations. These materials are properly characterized and profiled before pickup to ensure proper processing and final disposal at an EPA-permitted facility.

Gem State Oil combines with EcoLube to provide appropriately labeled containers for the storage, accumulation, and collection of used oil filters at customer sites. Once collected by our package truck drivers, used oil filters are processed at our Boise, ID plant to remove any remaining excess used motor oil. The filters are cubed and then shipped to a local metal recycler for use in the manufacturing of various steel products.

Spent Antifreeze Collection and Products

Gem State Oil combines with EcoLube to collect both bulk and containerized spent antifreeze from customer locations in our package trucks. The spent antifreeze is then shipped to a permitted and  EPA-approved antifreeze re-manufacturing facility for processing into new glycol. Gem State and EcoLube’s coolant products are manufactured using the Ethylene Glycol from the spent antifreeze.

ASTM-specification new coolant products and the  associated containers and equipment solutions for  dispensing them, including electric, on-demand pumping systems for high volume applications. Conventional and extended life light duty/heavy duty coolants are available in concentrate and 50/50 pre-mix in a variety of different colors to suite your specific needs. Our pre-mixed antifreeze is blended using only deionized water to ensure proper cooling system protection and functionality and is available in bulk or drum delivery.

Conventional Antifreeze Product 

  • Available in 50/50 premix or concentrate

  • Low silicate; phosphate and amine free

  • Aluminum compatible

  • Conventional diesel - recommended for use where a fully formulated heavy duty diesel coolant is required

  • DOES NOT require an initial charge of SCA

  • For automotive, light duty, heavy duty diesel and natural gas engine applications (on-road truck, off-road, farm equipment)

EcoCool Conventional Anti-Freeze Product Sheet - PDF

Extended Life Antifreeze Product 

  • Available in 50/50 premix or concentrate

  • Complete mixed fleet use; heavy duty diesel, light truck, and automotive

  • Borate, nitrite, amine, and phosphate free

  • Compatible with ALL engine coolant technologies

  • Extended service life up to:

    • 5 years or 150,000 miles (automotive);

    • 6 years or 600,000 miles (heavy duty diesel)*

  • Provides protection on a flush & fill with no coolant  extender required

EcoCool Extended Life Anti-Freeze Product Sheet - PDF

Parts Washer Service Program

Gem State Oil combines with EcoLube to supply our signature EcoClean parts washer program that includes equipment and parts sales, customer-owned machine service, and an industry-exclusive lease-to-own program.   Our DOT-certified and highly trained technicians at each service provide virgin  Naphtha solvent, clean and wipe down your machine, and remove your spent solvent. Your spent solvent is properly disposed of each service per regulatory requirements and managed according to all local, State, and Federal requirements. Utilizing our signature EcoClean parts washer service, we keep costs down, equipment running, hazardous waste generation low, and your solvent fresh on each service. 

Premium Windshield Washer Products

Gem State Oil combines with EcoLube to offer a variety of pre-mixed windshield washer products and dispensing equipment, including electric, on-demand pumping systems are available for high-volume applications. To meet customer preference and accommodate for seasonality, we provide a variety of freeze protection formulas: Extreme Winter, Winter, All Season, and Summer. All formulas are available in bulk or drum delivery and blended using deionized water to protect the washer system functional.


Windshield Washer Fluid Product

  • Pre-mixed, ready to use

  • Fast cleaning, streak free formula

  • Contains de-ionized water to minimize mineral buildup in fluid reservoir

  • Multiple freeze point blends available

  • Based on customer needs (+32, 0, -20, and -20 degree freeze protection)

  • Available in bulk quantities to reduce the cost of goods for your business

  • EcoLube Recovery has the flexibility to customize your specific blend ratio at any time, adapting to changing seasons and weather conditions, reducing your annual spend for washer fluid products

  • Flexible delivery schedule to meet the demands of your business

EcoCool Windshield Washer Fluid Product Sheet - PDF

RFO (Recycled Fuel Oil)

Gem State Oil Recovery is your trusted local source for bulk RFO for a variety of uses such as boilers, kilns, furnaces, and other industrial heat generation applications. You can count on our processed blends of recycled oils to ensure the most consistent, and highest BTU levels possible within the RFO marketplace. We independently sample each batch and analyze it at an independent laboratory to ensure that our RFO meets all required specifications and our quality standards.

Spill Kit Supply Services

Gem State Oil combines with EcoLube to provide our exclusive EcoZorb granular oil absorbent for all your spill cleanup needs. With a wide variety of absorbent pads, rolls, and options for secondary containment we can make sure your facility keeps oil off the ground, while also managing the spent absorbent/granular for a complete delivery and disposal option that keeps the oil off the ground, and out of your facility. 

Used Oil Collection
Non-Regulated Oily Debris
Used Oil Filter Collection
Spent Antifreeze Collection and Products
Parts Washer Service Program
Premium Windshield Washer Products
Spill Kit
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