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Leaders in Used Oil Recycling in the Pacific Northwest

Every gallon of oil which is re-refined by EcoLube Recovery is a
gallon of oil that can be left in the ground

Leaders in Environmentally Sustainable Practices
Every gallon of oil which is re-refined by EcoLube Recovery is a
gallon of oil that can be left in the ground

Why EcoLube Recovery?

Local Service

Local Service

EcoLube Recovery (ELR) is a Northwest owned and operated company that has industry experienced field and management staff. With that you can trust in the best personalized service available in the Pacific Northwest. We are able to service our customers who span our geographic footprint with our knowledgeable, customer focused employees. We have a number of satellite service locations throughout the Pacific Northwest where we can aggregate used oil and other related waste for final oil recycling at our large re-refining plant in Portland, Oregon. Utilizing a specialized re-refining process, the used oil is converted into certified products such as marine fuel and Group 2 base oil. The Pacific Northwest is home to our entire staff. We are proud to offer compliant, efficient, and cost-effective recycling alternatives to communities where our employees live and work.

Safety Culture

Safety Culture

At ELR we recognize that safety is the key priority for both our own employees and our customers. We have created a safety culture that encompasses standard operating procedures and risk management tools in order to maintain the utmost care. We value an organized and safe working environment in our Portland Refinery. Our drivers are trained by EcoLube to follow company developed safety and operational procedures when visiting a customer’s location for collection of used oil and other regulated wastes. We strive to conduct our collection service in a very professional and safe manner that is not disruptive to the customer’s operations.

Sustainable Product

ELR is committed to providing oil recycling services that have a positive impact on our community’s environment. We strive to be a good neighbor that works and cooperates with city, county, state, and government regulators that are safeguarding our communities both today and in the future. All of us at ELR are lucky to live and work in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and we will continue to strive to do our part to keep it that way.



EcoLube Recovery (ELR), is an environmental services company that recently formed in September of 2017 by purchasing the assets of American Petroleum Environmental Service (APES), Inc. Formed in 2001, APES Inc. was a locally owned environmental services company providing a wide range of automotive and industrial environmental services throughout Washington, Oregon, Southern Idaho, and the lower mainland of British Columbia. ELR is still locally owned and operated with multiple locations in the Pacific Northwest that include Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. ELR was created because we believed there was a better way to manage used oil and the by-products created in the process of re-refining used oil. Since 2016 ELR has dedicated significant capital and resources to improve the management of re-refining used oil. Today, ELR offers a full-service liquid/solid waste management system including on-site evaluation, collection, and recycling operations. ELR and its employees are proud to offer recycling alternatives to various industrial and transportation related companies in the Pacific Northwest through specifically designed oil collection and waste management services. Our success is dependent on anticipating customer needs and providing high quality and safe services to auto dealerships, oil change companies, transportation, and manufacturing companies throughout the Pacific Northwest. If you have used oil or other waste products that need to be disposed of, ELR has a green recyclable alternative.

ELR is dedicated to the collection of, and the sustainable reuse of spent engine oil and industrial lubrication fluids. Our proprietary process further treats re-refined used lubricating oils (MDO and VGO) that are produced at our Portland facility and turns them into recycled Group II base oil. The newly expanded state-of-the-art re-refining facility in Portland, Oregon separates the oil (VGO) from the water, flux and distillate through a vacuum distillation refining process. In a second phase of processing, we take the recovered oil, remove the remaining contaminants and oxidized hydrocarbons to improve the viscosity index, color and stability of the oil resulting in an end product of Group II base oil. ELR converts the VGO that has historically been burned as fuel into a reusable Group II base oil. This secondary process allows for the recapture of the lubricating properties in the oil and can clean and return used oil to its original molecular structure an infinite amount of times.


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