EcoLube Recovery (ELR) is a recently formed environmental services company owned by ClearLube Re-Refining (CLRR) and dedicated to the sustainable reuse of spent crankcase oil and industrial lubrication fluids. our patented proprietary process upgrades partially treated used oil via re-refining steps which create a final product that can be used as new engine oil. 
ELR is owned and managed by entrepreneurs in the Pacific Northwest. We have joint ventured with a local Portland based re-processing facility that utilizes a basic cleaning process to create an end product sold as a low grade fuel for marine diesel engines. ELR will convert the fuel to a reusable group II base oil which allows for the recapture of the lubricating properties of the oil.
Our process can clean and return used oil to its original molecular structure an infinite amount of times. Every gallon of oil which is re-refined by ELR is a gallon of oil that can be left in the ground.